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We talked to some girls who have been in your shoes, as well as some relationship experts to get the scoop on how to date in college. Instead of looking at what you don’t want in partner, start looking for what you DO want in partner. Instead saying, likes sports, thinking about specific sports that interest you.I always suggest creating at least five non- negotiable items or items you won’t budge on at all.Finding time to just hang out at campus events, parties or bars isn’t always a guaranteed way to meet someone who sparks your interest.Online dating makes it easy to squeeze in time for finding a potential date.But don’t try things just because you’re hoping to meet a catch.

– Christina Rowe, MSOL When flirting with a boy at a group event or at the bar, ask questions about why they picked their particular major and what they hope to achieve with it one day. Don’t be shy about walking up and breaking the ice.Share in their excitement as well as providing your own passionate ideas for what you hope to experience one day. When I’m attracted to a woman, I’ll often walk up, smile and say, I have a crush on you, and I think we owe it to ourselves to see how far we can take this… – Douglas Mc Williams Don’t date someone just to have a relationship.– Nicki Slattery, Certified Life Coach Subtle is always better. College is hard enough without adding relationship drama.You get to carefully craft a profile that shows off all your interests and goals.Meanwhile, you’re in control of your first impression by choosing a flattering profile picture.

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